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Youth Transitional Housing Capital Campaign

A Great Need

Throughout 2019 and 2020, Pivotal Point had the opportunity and blessing to serve 17 youth residents through our transitional housing program. However, there were over 90 applicants within this same time frame between the ages of 17-20. We heartbreakingly declined over 80% of our youth applicants, simply because we didn't have the accommodations and resources necessary to set them up for success.

We're seeking to assist youth in our community, ages 17-20, by helping them discover their potential and develop the necessary skills to become healthy, productive adults that earn a family-sustaining wage.

Make an Impact

It's our vision to eliminate St. Joseph's generational homelessness and poverty one youth resident at a time, with a place for them to not only survive, but thrive. It's our goal to raise $4,000,000 for our two-phase project. Phase one ($2,000,000) of our youth housing program will break ground as soon as it's funded. This facility will serve and house 12 youth residents. Please consider how your contribution could change lives of young individuals and break the poverty cycle in our own community.

Youth Complex Rendering

Youth Testimonials

"Because of Pivotal Point, I have been able to grow outside of the box that I felt I was in for so long. Pivotal Point has brought me so many opportunities, and more importantly, it has introduced me to so many incredible people that I will hold dear to my heart forever."

A, age 17

"At Pivotal Point, I was able to attend work and school knowing that I had a supportive and safe environment to come back to. While staying at Pivotal Point, I acquired important life skills that I can apply to my everyday life. I was able to become more self-sustainable and ready to take on my next journey."

S, age 18

"Pivotal Point has helped me in ways I didn't think were possible. When I went into the program, I was at rock bottom; no money, no friends, no car, and no faith in myself. Slowly I started to see my worth and my relationship with God grew the strongest it's ever been."

V, age 17